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Case Study

  • Discipline: Digital Marketing
  • Industry: Healthcare Marketing

About the Company:

Health Soul, LLC provides a comprehensive directory of hospitals, health insurance and travel health insurance companies in multiple countries. Healthsoul is a team of medical professionals, engineers and healthcare consumers. The goal of the company is to help consumers mitigate the challenges they might face in finding the right healthcare facility or health insurance. The company wants to establish its digital footprints globally and allow the patient to search for a review on Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Doctors, and Hospitals from the comfort of their palms. The company was founded in 2016 and is thus far operating in the 5th stage of its product roadmap defined and designed by The Brand Bee.

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The Challenge:

  • Healthcare reviews were redefining the way patients choose healthcare providers and HealthSoul just wanted to ride that wave and provide everyone with a platform where they can not only choose the right providers for themselves but hospitals and insurance as well.
  • At the heart of building a strong marketing strategy, Healthsoul was looking for a Digital Integration Partner that understood their business objectives and was able to translate those objectives into qualitative and quantitative PoA.
  • The platform was initially built on an outdated design framework and the platform needed a complete design overhaul in terms of UI improvements and enhanced UX functionalities.
  • Although the niche that HealthSoul had selected was fairly broad; however, with this factor involved, they were also entrusted with the task of marketing responsibly as a lot of restrictions were currently in place for Medical and Healthcare Providers.
  • HealthSoul was also looking for a complete Integrated Marketing Communications Program and the channel selection was one of the most important criteria owing to the bootstrapped funding sources involving a considerable degree of financial risk and human resource investment.

Capabilities Exhibited

To achieve the goals for HealthSoul, the buzzing bees of the Brand Bee, extended their expertise in

  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Content Marketing
  • + E-Mail Marketing - Drip Campaigns
  • + Marketing Automation
  • + Ad Campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Search & Display

The Enabling

Best Studio Award
  • The team at The Brand Bee proceeded with proposing a unique blended approach to integrate Marketing and Technology components of the website. Apart from our personalized digital audit which is conducted by our team of strategists, we also did a competition mapping program, wherein we identified HealthSoul's current competition in terms of technologies involved in setting up the web interface, the business model of the competitor's current scale of operations, and specialities wherein there is least amount competition for content marketing opportunities.
  • Different Technology Stacks were evaluated keeping in mind the operational business objectives of the company and the complexity of a Medical Review Website. Our team carefully researched and analysed different design schematics and came up with user-friendly flow controls for a neat, responsive and modern design user interface.
  • After the platform was built, we developed an omnichannel digital marketing strategy. The strategy involved mapping the key interactions against each of the personas for an intuitive and scalable digital engagement program.
  • Search Engine Optimization was a major part of the Digital Roadmap and we ensured that the website keeps up with the latest emerging trends for higher visibility on Google. The technologies that we incorporated included - Structured Schema Data (J-SON LD), High-Quality DAReferrals, CDN Caching for Reduced Latencies, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Responsive Website Maintenance and Administration.
  • We also designed and developed explainer videos which focussed on the platform overview and gave a complete walkthrough about the current tedious process of finding the right healthcare provider. A lot of hand-drawn elements were used in the explainer video along with subtle animations to engage the user and make them sign up for the platform.


  • A 4x increase in Facebook Followership and active engagement rates were improved by 46% as a result of tightly focused persona analysis and user targeting based on Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors.
  • 500+ reviews published on the website in a brief span of 9 months.
  • 20+ Affiliates registered for Ad Delivery Exchange Network on the HealthSoul Platform. The affiliates comprised Medical Professionals, E-Commerce Vendors, Individual Practitioners, Hospitals, and Travel Insurance Companies
  • 40% increase in blog viewership traffic in just 2 months of content creation and curation. Our content team turned around 10 highly researched and SEO Optimized content pieces in a month. The content pieces were also created as original articles and were based on real-life experiences of patients and the latest medical research conducted by top American hospitals and research centres.
  • The video we launched gave us a big response in terms of traffic generated on the website. A lot of attention was instantly generated within a few hours of uploading the video and subsequently, the reviews posted on the website increased by 20% in the next couple of days
  • We implemented a very strong SEO strategy to get them steadily increasing Organic Traffic. The traffic jumped by more than 1000% in the first month and showed a steady increase thereafter.
  • We are also currently in the process of launching automated email-based campaigns to a targeted/segmented inventory of patients to improve the average time spent on the website and improve brand recall.
  • HealthSoul now stands amongst the top 5 reviews and ratings platforms in the US and has only achieved this by following a strong funnel-based acquisition digital strategy suggested by The Brand Bee team.
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