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Case Study

  • Discipline: Foam Mattress Manufacturers
  • Industry: Home Decor, Furniture

About the Company:

UrbanBed is a foam mattress manufacturing company that offers high-quality mattresses made with German technology to ensure a good night's sleep and overall health. Their mattresses are engineered with durable and safe materials, and their foams are glued together with a natural, water-based adhesive. UrbanBed is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible sleep experience to prevent sleep deprivation and maintain a good health.

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The Challenge:

UrbanBed approached us as a nascent idea amidst the rapidly expanding foam mattress market, which is dominated by established brands like Wakefit and Sleepy Cat. The company wanted to target a specific audience and offer unique products such as CNC-cut mattresses and work-from-home accessories, which gained popularity during the COVID era when remote work became the norm for many. The major challenges faced by the company were

  • Competing against established brands
  • Building brand recognition from scratch
  • Introducing unique products like CNC Cut Mattresses in a crowded market and Work from Home Products
  • Effectively communicating the benefits of its products to potential customers
  • Establishing itself as a premium brand in the market
  • Achieving a high return on ad spend for their marketing campaigns
  • Creating a digital identity to reach and engage with customers

Capabilities Exhibited

To build the brand and mark its strong foothold in the digital space, our Bees offered talents in

  • + Research & Analytics
  • + Brand & Communication Strategy
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Ad Campaign Strategy
  • + Sales/ROI Generation
  • + Website Development etc.

The Enabling

  • The Brand Bee team created a unique Brand Identity for UrbanBed, which highlighted their unique offerings and made them more inviting and exciting.
  • A campaign video called Dimagshah was created, featuring a 3D mascot of a brain, which showed how UrbanBed can help people prepare for daily challenges at work or at home.
  • Ad campaigns were designed to position UrbanBed as the go-to premium mattress and work-from-home accessories brand.
  • A digital identity was created for UrbanBed, with a new website and social media platforms, which managed to communicate with customers regularly about new offerings and exciting offers.


  • The Brand Bee's efforts helped UrbanBed establish itself as a premium brand in the foam mattress industry.
  • We successfully achieved a ROAS of 3-5x for UrbanBed's ad spends on all platforms including Instagram and Google.
  • A ROAS of more than 12x was also achieved consistently on Amazon, specifically for the work-from-home accessories category.
  • The digital identity created for UrbanBed helped them to communicate with their customers regularly and build a loyal customer base.
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