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Case Study

  • Discipline: Car Leasing, Fleet Management
  • Industry: Auto, Financial Services (B2B2C)

About the Company:

With a 55 Year legacy in the Fleet & Vehicle Management Industry, LeasePlan with its pure-play model in Car Leasing is undoubtedly one of the global leaders. With operations spanning over more than 50 countries globally and more than 2.5 million cars on road, LeasePlan by far has the most experience in serving people and organizations with its impeccable service and delivery commitment. With SalaryPlan as India’s 1st Car Leasing Portal, the company has already served more than 1400 customers in the country, much to their delight. With SalaryPlan, one gets many added advantages and services bundled in the package together unavailable otherwise. The portal, apart from the following key advantages offers more making the car lease not just only about the car, but about an honest, flexible and accommodating relationship.

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The Challenge:

When SalaryPlan came to The Brand Bee, it had not been growing over the past 6 months and was leasing an average of 25-30 cars per month. They were facing big challenges to achieve their yearly targets amidst the increasing competition in the leasing and fleet management markets in India. Though SalaryPlan was perceived to be expensive but was known in the market to provide the best services and customer experience to its customers. Moreover, the approach was more reactive and not proactive and the competition was able to take full advantage of this.

Capabilities Exhibited

To give a comprehensive solution for their challenges the buzzing bees set to work and offers their expertise in

  • + Research & Analytics
  • + Brand & Communication Strategy
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Lead Generation
  • + Email Marketing
  • + Website Development

The Enabling

Best Studio Award

The Brand Bee's research and analysis revealed several key findings that helped SalaryPlan improve its brand positioning and engagement strategy. Some of the solutions offered by The Brand Bee included:

  • Engaging eligible client employees through various activations within their office premises, such as helpdesks and digital marketing.
  • Reaching out to potential customers at touch points outside of their office premises, such as parking areas and car dealerships.
  • Leveraging the comprehensive online portal for car leasing to position SalaryPlan as the only car leasing company in India with such an offering.
  • Creating a strategy that provided incremental value to customers and had a more emotional appeal and engagement with target audiences.
  • Monitoring the performance of marketing campaigns using KPI dashboards and customized analytics to optimize marketing efforts and ensure maximum ROI.


  • This new strategy helped them increase engagement with the client’s employees, and not only enhance their brand equity in the market but also made them beat their yearly targets.
  • They are now doing between a whopping more than 5,000 cars per month which is a jump of more than 200x in 8-9 years
  • They have also onboarded 50x new clients to whom they cater now.
  • There was also a 200% increase in warm prospect reaches.
  • The data that we generated from our paid campaigns helped the sales team to plan their strategies ahead of time to engage their current prospects.
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