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Mania Juices
Case Study

  • Discipline: Juices
  • Industry: F&B (Food & Beverages)

About the Company:

Mania Juices is one of the leading names in the food and beverage industry, serving the highest range of fruit juices in the region. They are a home-grown brand with juices carefully crafted to retain the essentials that rejuvenate and hydrate the nutritional quotient one needs. They are backed by the values and ethics of their brand- Honesty, Fairness and Integrity. The co-founders are a bunch of juice enthusiasts who have taken into account the inspirations from vibrant shades of colours and flavours from nature to give their brand an energizing soul.

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The Challenge:

When Mania Juices approached The Brand Bee it was new and fresh. They wanted to build its brand image from scratch with the main focus on creating a website with vibrant colours. The company wanted to increase its brand awareness across India, manage its online reputation by uplifting the quality of content and build its brand with third-party operators while revamping its brand image.

Capabilities Exhibited

Our buzzing bees made sure to develop and create a unique strategy to generate brand awareness that included:

  • + Brand Development
  • + Brand collaterals
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Website Development

The Enabling

Best Studio Award
  • Our team of professionals started by developing and executing various UI/UX features on the website to make it look vibrant and colourful by adding different design elements. This resulted in increased brand awareness, engagement metrics and higher user session duration. We achieved this by implementing various advanced marketing strategies and technologies.
  • We managed Mania Juices' social media channels and communication to reach out to newer audiences and engage them in various campaigns. We uplifted the content on digital platforms and focused on building the brand image from the scratch.
  • We worked and fixed their brand identity by generating an altogether new experience for their potential customers.
  • Our team did offline activations and branding for this company which they needed on a regular basis for their dealers and distributors. We created a bunch of offline creatives and collaterals like sales kits, promotional materials and brochures.


  • With The Brand Bee's extensive and comprehensive marketing solution, Mania Juices achieved its objective of increasing brand awareness. The website we created for them highlighted the brand values and colours. The rebranding and repositioning efforts also helped this brand create a unique brand identity and stand out in the crowded food and beverage industry.
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