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Odd Coffee Roasters
Case Study

  • Discipline: Coffee
  • Industry: F&B (Food & Beverage)

About the Company:

Nothing can replace the feeling of having a coffee just as you like - strong and perfect or with the right amount of sugar in it. Odd Coffee is one such brand that offers different types of coffee, beans and pour-over bags that can just brighten up your mood at any time of the day. As odd and eccentric as the name sounds, Odd Coffee focused on creating an odd brand identity that stands out in the industry. They wanted to bring a fourth wave of coffee in which the customers can experience cafe-style coffee sitting in their comfort zone. Working directly with farmers, Odd Coffee offered a blended mix of deliciousness and quality coffee beans. The brand is known for its quirky name and obviously the most amazing brewakening coffee.

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The Challenge:

A brand that is clear on its mission and vision but lacks a strong brand identity, is it possible to toss over the situation and make it work in the brand’s favour? Obviously, it is. We definitely faced some challenges like creating a quirky and conversational identity that included brand colours, design, logo and other such variables for this new coffee brand. Our team started coining up different names for the brand and made it stand out by naming it Odd Coffee Roasters. Apart from creating an off-the-wall brand identity, the challenge was also to take this amazing brand to the market by generating awareness so that it can lead to conversations around it and induce trial as well.

Capabilities Exhibited

To kickstart their brand, our buzzing bees focused on

  • + Brand Naming & Identity
  • + Packaging Design
  • + Website Development
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Ad Campaigns on Instagram for Brand Awareness
  • + Content Marketing

The Enabling

Best Studio Award

The Brand Bee with its team of professionals took up this exciting challenge and started working in an innovative and creative direction that would match the quirkiness of this brand. Some of the ways in which we approached the problems are mentioned below-

  • The initial step was to work on its brand identity as it was a new brand that wanted to leave its impressions on the minds of people. Our team started by giving the brand a distinctive name and logo. With every industry bulging with competitors, we made sure to give this brand a strong start so that it can differentiate and stand out in the market. We made sure to portray fun, love, uniqueness and playfulness in addition to the company values of staying true to the product.
  • By using poppy and bold hues of colours, we created an odd yet engaging website by executing various UI/UX improvements. We developed and executed the website with the right blend of quirkiness and creativity that ultimately helped the brand with increased awareness. The Brand Bee launched the brand successfully through an e-commerce website developed on Shopify with a strategic promotion plan for digital media.
  • After extensive internal and external research, our team of professionals successfully created a strong online presence and reputation for Odd Coffee on various social media platforms. With a blend of quirky design elements, bold colours and engaging content that reflected the fourth wave of coffee and welcomed the new generation to the new brewakening, we created awareness and reached the right set of target audiences.
  • A business model was created to ensure that the content on the website and on every social media platform is different, unique and quirky to its utmost potential. We identified the target audience and worked in that direction to create content that is in the form of storytelling, engaging, creative and crisp.


  • Increased Brand Coverage and Retention - In a short span of 4 months, our team of professionals was able to produce an increased market coverage by identifying an upward trend in the number of queries the brand used to receive on the website as well as the social media channels.
  • To ensure operational efficiency, perceptual & brand usage consistency, and qualitative transcendence, extensive real-time Brand Training sessions were also conducted within the client's team.
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