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Case Study

  • Discipline: Personal Safety Equipment
  • Industry: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

About the Company:

Mallcom (India) Ltd. is India’s prominent brand in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry, providing integrated manufacturing and distribution of head-to-toe protection products. With a strong motto that- “Life is precious , safety is important”, they have been successfully protecting and safeguarding the workclass and labor all over the world. With a strong presence in over 50 countries across six continents, Mallcom has established itself as a trusted partner for major importers, offering certified products that meet the required standards. Each of Mallcom's production units has captive test labs that ensure quality and manage standards.

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The Challenge:

A brand with clear visibility and tone, Mallcom is involved in saving lives of people who work on the shop floor levels. When they approached The Brand Bee, Mallcom wanted to harness the power of the digitzed world. As we all know, how important is it for brands to focus on their online presence, they were concerned about the limited reach and awareness of the brand in the target markets. Mallcom wanted to address the issues related to the low traffic and engagement on their website and various social media platforms. They definitely faced one of the biggest challenges to rank the important keywords in the target countries. By expanding their business overseas, the brand wanted to establish an emotional tone with a hint of trendiness that would match their communication guidelines.

Capabilities Exhibited

To overcome the challenges and provide them with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the Bees started working on -

  • + On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • + Off-page Search Engine Optimization
  • + Email Marketing
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Website Development
  • + Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn, Google Search & Display
  • + Lead Generation Campaigns

The Enabling (Our Solution)

Best Studio Award
  • The Brand Bee and our team of professionals took up this exciting challenge as an opportunity, we implemented a strong On-page SEO strategy by revamping the website content and strategy for the next year. This ensured the ranking of important keywords in targeted countries. We also executed a strong Off-page SEO strategy by generating over 300 backlinks per month.
  • Target-specific Ad campaigns were run on Google (Search & Display Remarketing) and LinkedIn (In Mail and Sponsored Lead Generation Campaigns) for better reach, awareness and lead generation.
  • Our team also worked on providing the right blend of emotional, product-related, and trending content for enhanced engagement on social media platforms.
  • We also reworked the UI/UX strategy based on analytical pointers from heat maps and other tools to improve user journeys on the website.
  • With the team of professional and creative experts, we created a strong email marketing strategy and automation to keep internal and external stakeholders updated with the brand's latest happenings were also implemented.


  • MoM traffic increased by over 200%, mostly from organic activities and ad campaigns
  • Over 300 backlinks generated per month through off-page SEO efforts, which helped the brand rank higher in the targeted regions
  • Successful ad campaigns on Google and LinkedIn resulted in increased qualified leads and conversions
  • Social media engagement improved leading to a stronger emotional connect with the target audience
  • UI/UX improvements and email marketing automation plan further improved engagement and generated higher conversion.
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