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Case Study

  • Discipline: Kids Wear, Kids Merchandise
  • Industry: Kids Clothing

About the Company:

MiArcus offers a range of premium baby and mom products to support your goal of providing the utmost care at all stages of your pregnancy & baby’s growth. The brand works tirelessly to develop pioneering expertise in baby care product development and create a legacy. The organization has been associated with prestigious international brands and has employed over a million people. MiArcus aims to provide love, comfort, and warmth to your baby with its quality products.

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The Challenge:

The challenge for MiArcus was to create brand awareness and establish their presence in the market. They wanted to compete with established brands in the baby care industry like Mothercare and increase footfalls in their offline stores. The brand was looking to harness the power of Digital Marketing to increase their awareness, reach, and market coverage, generate more sales, and understand their target audience through the use of an integrated 360-degree digital marketing framework.

Capabilities Exhibited

To achieve their objectives, our bees focused on

  • + Research & Analytics
  • + Brand & Communication Strategy
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Ad Campaign Strategy
  • + Sales/ROI Generation
  • + Email Marketing
  • + Website Development etc.

The Enabling

Best Studio Award

A small cross-functional team was created at The Brand Bee as the digital solutions involved multiple dimensions. Some of the ways in which we approached the problems included:

  • Established Detailed User Personas and Segmentation of Personas in terms of Product Category Fit, including segregation of 6-8 months pregnant women, mothers of 1-2 month-old infants, etc.
  • Created an Integrated Buyer’s Journey Framework – Our team of account managers and content specialists thoroughly reviewed the entire buyer journey framework and established communication pillars to position MiArcus as a favourable brand,
  • The managers also undertook different strategies to improve existing brand recall.
  • The website was redesigned with new features as per international benchmarks and keeping in mind the customer journeys.
  • Conversion focused ad campaigns were run on various platforms like Facebook, Google & Instagram to achieve sales targets with a consistent ROAS between 3-5x.
  • Scaled Engagement via Enhanced Mar-Tech - As the brand operated on a PAN India level, we proposed, developed, and initiated several website UI & UX changes and improved the engagement figures and overall time spent on the website by investing in new marketing technologies and a suite of tools such as GSC, Hotjar, Unbounce, Mailchimp, ConnectIO, etc.
  • To increase footfall in the offline stores, our team also focused on running online campaigns with objectives to increase Offline Footfalls in Stores.
  • A Community named Making Motherhood Joyful was also created and managed to bring all moms on one platform and share valuable content with them.
  • A well thought Influencer Marketing Strategy with Mom Bloggers was also executed to increase the reach and awareness of the brand.
  • A brand photoshoot with Kareena Kapoor, as their brand ambassador, was also used to gain eyeballs and make the brand noticed more.


  • Our Community Management approach and online Ad Campaigns helped in increasing the footfall in its stores by over 300% MoM in 6 months.
  • Increased Brand Coverage and Retention - In a short span of 12 months, our team was able to produce increased market coverage through an upward trend in the number of queries the brand received in a day as well as the sales generated through the website.
  • Influencers helped in the brand reach and we were able to maintain and beat the KPIs set for us by the client team on an MoM basis while sustainably increasing their sales numbers.
  • Online Sales Targets were met on an MoM basis with a consistent ROAS between 4-5x.
  • Consistent TOPR (Top of the Page Rate) in all Adwords Campaigns launched by The Brand Bee along with that benchmark we also maintained 60%+ Search Impression Share across all major competitive keywords.
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