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Case Study

  • Discipline: Ferry Operator
  • Industry: Travel & Tourism

About the Company:

Makruzz is a leading ferry operator in the Andaman Islands, India, with a strong reputation for providing high-quality services to its customers. The company has been in the industry for several years and has established itself as the go-to ferry service provider for locals and tourists alike. Makruzz operates modern and luxurious ferries that offer a comfortable and safe ride to its passengers. The company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and constantly strives to improve its services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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The Challenge:

Despite being the leading ferry operator in the Andamans, Makruzz faced the challenge of operating all its ferries full at all times. The company wanted to increase its brand awareness across India, manage its online reputation, and build its brand with third-party tour operators while revamping its brand image.

Capabilities Exhibited

Offering a 360-degree digital marketing solution to Makruzz's branding and marketing challenges, our buzzing Bees focused on

  • + Rebranding
  • + Repositioning
  • + Brand Identity
  • + Website Development
  • + Brand and Animated Videos
  • + Social Media Marketing
  • + Performance Marketing
  • + Online Reputation Management
  • + Influencer Marketing

The Enabling

Best Studio Award

To achieve Makruzz's objectives of increasing brand awareness, managing online reputation, and building relationships with third-party tour operators, The Brand Bee team exhibited their expertise and achieved the desired results.

  • Boosted Engagement with Advanced Marketing Technology - Our team suggested, created, and executed various UI/UX improvements on the website, resulting in increased engagement metrics and higher user session durations. We achieved this by adopting and implementing cutting-edge marketing technologies and a comprehensive suite of digital tools.
  • We reworked and fixed their brand identity and worked on creating a unique online experience for their customers.
  • We managed their social media communication and performance marketing to reach out to newer audiences and engage them to consider Makruzz and Andamans as a preferred destination for their holidays.
  • We also created a new Brand Video and a Safety Video for them which were very unique and helped them generate chatter about their brand in the market.
  • Our team also several times visited Andamans to create quality and unique brand assets including regular photoshoots and video shoots, and other campaigns (like for influencer marketing) to create an unmatched experience for their users.
  • Our team did offline activations and branding of the entire ferry terminals to provide a seamless experience for people when they visited there.


  • With The Brand Bee's comprehensive branding and marketing solution, Makruzz achieved its objective of increasing brand awareness and reputation while boosting third-party tour operator tie-ups and bookings. Makruzz's saw their passenger numbers increase by 20% MoM, and they have seen a steady rise in their revenues as well. The rebranding and repositioning efforts also helped Makruzz create a unique brand identity and stand out in the crowded travel and tourism industry making people choose them as their preferred ferry option in Andamans.
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